About Railway Swimming Club

Railway Swimming Club meets every 2nd & 4th Friday night at the Georgie Conway Swim Centre on Toongarra Road, Leichhardt, Ipswich, Queensland. Competition starts at 6.30pm and concludes at approximately 8pm.

Our season runs from the 4th school term through until Easter.

We encourage and promote swimming for all ages. We offer 12.5m kickboard events for children who are unable to swim without assistance. Swimmers are then offered a variety of distances to swim in all four strokes each club night. These include, 12.5m, 25m, 50m, 100m and a distance swim of either 200m or 400m in their preferred stroke.

To also encourage participation and fun we move away from the structured format above and offer some relay evenings. These are handicapped freestyle trophy swims and are enjoyed by all.

Club Patron

Railway Swimming Club is in the process of announcing a Club Patron.

A bit of History

Railway Swimming Club has a very long history. It was formed in 1902 and is one of the oldest swimming clubs in Queensland, Australia at 116 years old. We are acknowledged as the oldest swimming club in Ipswich.

It is reported that initially the club swam in the Bremer River.

For many years the club operated from the Jim Gardiner Pool Complex at Eastern Heights in Ipswich before moving to the Georgie Conway Swim Centre at Leichhardt where we now operate from.

If anyone has any information regarding our club history we would love to hear from you so that we can compile a detailed history of our club.

Points of interest would include names of past Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers, meeting minutes, photographs and trophies etc.

Please e-mail president@railwayswimmingclub.com.au with any information on Ipswich's Railway Swimming Club.