Club Captains

Railway Swimming Club Captains 2018/19 Season


Railway Swimming Club has grown and prospered through the years due to the dedicated hard work of its voluntary members.

Our values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect and working together as a team are essential to our success.

Our goal is for our club to be acknowledged as family focused for the swimmers that choose to swim with the Railway Swimming Club, and this is what is fundamental to our club’s prosperity and success in both recreational and competitive swimming.

The success of the club is also due to the work of the appointed Club Captains who are seen as the swimmers figure heads of the club who uphold these values.

The Club Captains are also people who have a desire to help our club in any way they can.

The clubs expectation is that they are approachable, positive role models, willing to help with our more junior swimmers when they need or seek help, to assist with jobs on club nights, at carnivals and at club functions when required.

The above mentioned roles of our Club Captains are generally reserved for the more senior swimmers, and is open to swimmers of all capabilities. We encourage all swimming members who believe that they can positively contribute to our ongoing success to nominate themselves as club captain. Nominations will then be considered and determined by the committee and announced accordingly.