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Club Meetings

Our club meetings are open to all club members, not just the committee. It is always great to see new faces.

Dates will be announced at club and posted on facebook, so watch out for these.

For further information please phone the President on 0437 543 191.

What's happening at club (see our Club Calendar for more details):

Patron's Trophy Swim  


President's Trophy Swim


$50 Dash For Cash (4 nights)


Club Champs


Novice Carnival


Relay Night


Fun Nights


Presentation Night (with trophies like no other)


Heaps More




Info about "Dash for Cash"

Railways Swimming Club acknowledges that as young people progress into their teenage years there are options and interests outside of swimming.

In an attempt to be a good community provider and to encourage people to remain in sport, and in particular, swimming, the club has decided to make swimming a little more interesting and exciting for our school aged swimmers.

We have again decided to run 4 additional events this season and these will be known as “Dash for Cash” nights!

This will be a winner takes all $50.00 prize.

These will be run concurrently with the existing club format and will be available to all school aged 50 metre swimmers in keeping with our attempt to encourage our older swimmers to continue on.

The challenge will be to carefully consider what normal Club swims are swum to ensure that points are gained and accumulate towards end of season points trophies while competing in the “Dash for Cash” and maintaining the strength and energy to be competitive.

Those that nominate in the “Dash for Cash” will receive points for each stage of the event – from heats to semis and the final.

These points will accumulate over the 4 “Dash for Cash” nights and the swimmers who finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd with the most points over all 4 nights will be presented with overall cash prizes on Presentation Night.

The committee hopes this venture creates excitement, interest and is enjoyed by all.